Meet your host, Ant Stroud.

Tune in to this buzzworthy show featuring the brave men and women who have served our great country. Your host, veteran Anthony Stroud, takes you on a story-filled journey highlighting the insightful and diverse voices of our nation’s military.

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BUZZ TV Host Ant Stroud

“Home is where the heart is” might seem like a cliché to anyone else, but Anthony is a living, breathing embodiment of this truth. Moreover, it perfectly encapsulates his motivation for becoming a Realtor®. Growing up, Anthony bounced around from home to home, never experiencing a stable living environment, and even finding himself homeless at the age of 15.

As the CEO of the Ant Stroud Group with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Anthony is now fulfilling one of his life’s passions in helping others find and settle into their dream home. It has not been an easy journey becoming one of Northeast Florida’s top 5% real estate agents, and according to the Jacksonville Business Journal, ranked in the top 50 of real estate teams.

At age 18, Anthony spent his days working at a grocery store and his nights earning his medical assisting license. Once he was licensed, he garnered a job at a nursing facility. Working there, he wanted to push further to become a certified nursing assistant, which meant night school, yet again. With a work ethic above reproach, after having earned his certification, he still maintained his day job at the nursing facility but added a second job as a CNA for the night shifts. Realizing he had taken that path as far as he wanted, he was then inspired by his grandfather to join the Navy. Anthony spent nine years on active duty and is now a reservist as a Hospital Corpsman, First Class. His early training, coupled with the experience he gained in the Navy, has prepared him for his current reserve duties of providing medical support for sailors and marines.

“Always Family, Never Customers,” is the motto Anthony adopted because that is his mindset when he is of service. And that doesn’t end when the transaction does-he considers himself at service for life. Anthony’s family members include a variety of people with varying needs, but his passion, background, and expertise lie squarely in the heart of military families. He is extremely knowledgeable in navigating the relocation process and obtaining a VA loan, and he takes great pride in taking that stress away. Anthony understands the military lifestyle and how it can be a little scary moving to a new city, but he has learned through his own experiences just how to eliminate the scare and provide the excitement.

Anthony and his wife, Julianne, have made Jacksonville their permanent home. He is thrilled to be finally laying down roots, giving his son and daughter the stability he always craved as a child. Being part of a community and giving back to that community is also important, so in his spare time, he contributes in various ways. He hosts a show called, Buzzworthy Veterans on BuzzTV, helping veterans to promote their small businesses. Anthony also organizes a yearly Christmas event for local heroes, and partners with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Cares, a local Nonprofit.
The future looks bright for Anthony, for his purpose and aspirations seem to be limitless. In addition to his real estate career and his philanthropic endeavors, he is the CEO of My Bragsheet, a new software app for military members. He also looks forward to becoming a motivational speaker for our youth, young adults, other realtors®, and fellow veterans. In the meantime, Anthony relishes being a leader and resource in the real estate community he so dearly loves.

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